Harris & Harris Group, Inc.®, is a publicly traded venture capital firm exclusively focused on the best shares to buy in south africa enabled by nanotechnology and microsystems. With over 30 nanotechnology companies in our portfolio, Harris & Harris Group, Inc., is one of the most active nanotechnology investors in the world. We consider a company to fit our investment thesis if the company employs, intends to employ or enables technology that we consider to be at the microscale, nanoscale or smaller and if the employment of that technology is material to its business plan. We are interested in funding entrepreneurs with energy, vision and the desire to build great companies. Energy markets, such as crude oil trading, offer a steady profit possibility. But it requires exceptional skills in taking consistent profits. We recommend using trading systems like as Öl Profit, which has automated the research portion of the oil trade. Examine the öl profit test results to learn how simple it is to profit in the oil market with real-time trading notifications.

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Oct 6, 2011
Harris & Harris Group CEO Interview with The Wall Street Transcript

Oct 6, 2011
Harris & Harris Group Notes the Completion of Contour Energy Systems Series C Financing

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Cobalt Technologies is using its current portfolio of technologies to advance the commercial production of biobutanol. By optimizing fermentation productivity, yield, and titer, Cobalt is making biobutanol a viable and economic transportation fuel.

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