Harris & Harris Group has significant investments in the following companies:

BridgeLux, Inc. develops high-power indium gallium nitride light emitting diodes that are used in various solid state lighting, mobile appliance, signage, and automotive applications.

Cambrios Technologies Corp. is developing a directed-evolution technology platform that uses genetic approaches to evolve rapidly biomolecules that express specific control over materials synthesis and assembly. As a result, the company plans to produce inexpensive and uniform nanostructures and fibers that self-assemble and attach to other structures via molecular affinity. Unlike alternative methods of producing nanostructures, Cambrios�s techniques can produce an extremely large variety of inorganic or commercially useful material, including semiconductors, metals, ceramics, and magnetic materials. www.cambrios.com

Chlorogen, Inc. is developing plant-made drugs and vaccines for the treatment and prevention of human diseases. Its patented chloroplast technology permits the expression of foreign proteins only within plant chloroplasts. According to Chlorogen, this provides two significant benefits. First, the chloroplast technology dramatically enhances the protein production of a cell. Second, because chloroplast DNA is not inherited through pollen, Chlorogen's technology can prevent foreign genes from being transferred to other crops through pollen. Chlorogen's initial focus will be on developing pharmaceutical proteins in tobacco.

Crystal IS develops methods to produce large, high-quality, single-crystal substrates of aluminum nitride (AlN) for use in the nitride semiconductor industry. These substrates are used in the production of high-power, high-temperature, and optoelectronic devices such as blue and ultraviolet lasers.

CSwitch, Inc. develops low-power, highly integrated, system-on-a-chip solutions for communications-based platforms.

D-Wave Systems, Inc. develops high-performance quantum computing systems for commercial use in logistics, bioinformatics, life and physical sciences, quantitative finance and electronic design automation.

Evolved Nanomaterial Sciences, Inc. has developed a number of nanotechnology-enhanced approaches for the resolution of chiral molecules. The company is using its proprietary ESPTM technology to manufacture high-capacity, high-generality HPLC columns that simplify chiral method development and chiral chromatography and purification.

Innovalight, Inc. develops low-cost, high-performance renewable energy products based on silicon nanotechnology

Kereos, Inc. develops molecular imaging agents and targeted therapeutics for the detection and treatment of cancer and cardiovascular disease. The imaging agents and targeted therapeutics in Kereos' pipeline are based on proprietary ligand-targeted emulsion technologies.

Kovio, Inc. develops semiconductor products using thin film technologies, printed electronics and nanoparticle inks.

Mersana Therapeutics, Inc. is a research-based company developing fully biodegradable nanoscopic drug delivery vehicles based on proprietary molecular constructs and "biological stealth" materials.

Metabolon, Inc. uses a proprietary technology platform in metabolomics to map changes in metabolic pathways. Measurement of the spectrum of cellular biochemical changes and the subsequent mapping of these changes to metabolic pathways permits a direct understanding of a disease. This information is used for the discovery and development of drugs, the identification of biomarkers and the early diagnosis of disease states.

Molecular Imprints, Inc. develops and manufactures nano-lithography systems for high resolution and for 3-dimensional pattern replication. The company has commercialized a new and unique Step and Flash Imprint Lithography technology (S-FILTM), which is a simple step and repeat, room temperature, low pressure, nano-imprint process that has demonstrated sub-20 nanometer resolution.

NanoGram Corporation owns a patent portfolio of approximately 75 patents and a complementary family of trademarks. NanoGram plans to license its broad intellectual property portfolio in fields including, nanomaterials-based films, discovery of new nanomaterials compositions, and rapid synthesis of nanopowders and films.

Nanomix, Inc. is developing nanoelectronic sensors that integrate carbon nanotube electronics with silicon microstructures. These sensors are intended to add value across a broad range of industrial and medical applications where attributes of nanotechnology offer significant performance advantages including: low power consumption, small size, high specificity, reproducibility and wireless integration.

NanoOpto Corp. is applying proprietary nano-optics and nano-manufacturing technology to design and make optical components for consumer electronics and potentially for optical systems and networks. Based on years of research, the company�s technology allows orders of magnitude more rapid prototyping, higher performance, and lower overall system cost. Both on its own and with corporate partners, NanoOpto�s strategy is to use subwavelength techniques to produce better conventional optical components and also to create new classes of integrated components.

Nanosys, Inc. is developing nanotechnology-enabled systems incorporating novel and patent-protected zero and one-dimensional nanometer-scale materials such as nanowires, nanotubes and nanodots (quantum dots).

Nantero, Inc. is developing a high-density, nonvolatile random access memory (NRAM) chip using nanotechnology.

NeoPhotonics Corp. develops and manufactures advanced planar optical devices by monolithically integrating active and passive optical materials using the company's proprietary nanomaterials-based process solutions.

Nextreme Thermal Solutions, Inc. is developing next-generation thermoelectrics based on its unique, thin-film superlattice technology for applications that require extreme thermal management solutions. The technology has the potential to improve dramatically thermal management for the next generation of microprocessors and other integrated circuits. Other potential applications include refrigeration, personal heating/cooling, power generation, cooling microprocessors, fiber-optic switches, biotechnology and automotive energy management.

Polatis, Inc. (formerly Continuum Photonics, Inc.) is focused on delivering cost-effective solutions for optical layer connectivity. The company developed all of its hardware products on a common technology platform - DirectLight. DirectLight is a proprietary beam-steering methodology, using solid-state mechanics for precision tuning of optics. Polatis develops a broad series of products upon the DirectLight platform including a series of non-blocking, fully transparent switches, agnostic to both bit-rate and protocol.

Questech Corporation manufactures and markets proprietary metal decorative tiles and signs.

Solazyme, Inc. is harnessing the power of the sun through the directed evolution of selected photosynthetic microbes to provide efficient bioproduction solutions to the energy, pharmaceutical, chemical and nutraceutical industries.

Starfire Systems offers a family of patented silicon carbide forming polymers for the manufacture of advanced ceramic materials applications. Starfire's range of matrix polymers and silicon carbide CVD precursors simplifies the formation of advanced ceramic materials. Starfire Systems has targeted applications in aerospace, power generation and microelectronics.

Zia Laser develops quantum dot passively mode locked lasers to address applications that require an extremely stable optical clocking signal at a multi-Gigahertz repetition rate in the 1200 1340 nm wavelength range. Zia Laser's products address applications in network communications and optical clock distribution for next generation high speed microprocessors.

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