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Shareholders of Harris & Harris Group, Inc. may be interested in reading the article by Steven Brull, entitled "Little Big Thing," in the current, August, issue of Institutional Investor Magazine. The article can also be accessed on the internet by subscribers to the magazine, at This article, which mentions and quotes Harris & Harris Group along with certain other venture capital firms investing in nanotechnology, is a well-written introduction to nanotechnology for a financially-oriented audience. The article, which was written before completion of Harris & Harris Group's recent rights offering, states that Harris & Harris Group's market capitalization is $19 million. The current market value, at $2.40 per share, is $27,597,000.

In February 2002, Harris & Harris Group decided to focus its new business activities exclusively on tiny tech, including nanotechnology, microsystems and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology. In 1994, we invested in our first small tech company, Nanophase Technologies Corporation, a spinoff from Argonne National Laboratory, which completed an initial public offering in 1997. We sold our interest in Nanophase in 2001 and invested part of the proceeds of the sale in August, 2001, in privately held Nantero, Inc., a Harvard University spinoff developing advanced semiconductors using nanotechnology. On February 12, 2002, we invested in Nanopharma Corp., a privately held Massachusetts General Hospital spinoff founded to develop advanced drug delivery systems. On March 7, 2002, we invested in NanoOpto Corp., a privately held company that is applying proprietary nano-optics and nano-manufacturing technology to design and make components for optical networking. On March 8, 2002, we invested in NeoPhotonics Corporation, a privately held company that is developing patented technology that enables the manufacture of unique nanoscale optical compositions for the telecommunications industry. On May 3, 2002, we invested in Nanotechnologies, Inc., a privately held company that is developing and producing a wide variety of high-performance nanomaterials for the government and industry. On June 14, 2002 we invested in Optiva, Inc., a privately held company that is developing and commercializing a new class of nanomaterials for advanced optical applications initially for the flat panel display industry. On June 24, 2002 we invested in Continuum Photonics, Inc. a privately held company that is developing a family of unique and value-added optical networking subsystems based on smart materials, microfabrication and control electronics that will enhance the flexibility and reliability of optical networks.

Harris & Harris Group, Inc. is a Business Development Company with 11,498,845 common shares outstanding.

Detailed information about Harris & Harris Group, Inc. and its holdings can be found on its website at

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