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Harris & Harris Group, Inc. announced today that it has led a seed-round financing in which it has purchased for $700,000 approximately a 15 percent fully diluted equity interest in Nanopharma Corp. Nanopharma is a privately-held, Massachusetts-based, spinoff from Massachusetts General Hospital.

Nanopharma is a research-based company founded to develop advanced drug delivery systems. Nanopharma's main goal is to provide fully biodegradable nanoscopic drug delivery vehicles based on proprietary molecular constructs and "biological stealth" materials. Nanopharma's proprietary materials and molecular constructs are essentially "biomimetic." They utilize mechanisms employed by the biological interface and nutrient transport systems to transport drugs and circumvent host defense mechanisms.

Fleximer® is Nanopharma's proprietary family of fully biodegradeable "biological stealth" materials. Fleximer technology provides "stealth" modules that enable a drug to circulate up to three orders of magnitude longer. Fleximer-based drug carriers may be designed to target particular tissues of the body, enter aberrant vasculature as opposed to normal endothelium, and interact with specific cell surface receptors through either single receptor or multi-receptor occupancy.

Nanocassette™ is a drug transport/release module, about the size of a typical blood protein. Nanocassette is a molecule specifically designed to carry nucleic acid (DNA, RNA) binding drugs in a sterically hindered form and without chemical alterations in drug structure.

Lymph Node Drug Delivery System (LNDD™) is based on modular molecular constructs that deliver drugs to the lymph nodes after systemic (e.g., intravenous) administration. Unlike other systems, which deliver drugs to only a few lymph nodes upon local administration, LNDD™ is capable of targeting all nodes of the body.

The scientific Founder of Nanopharma is Mikhail Papisov, Ph.D., of Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital. The acting Chief Executive Officer is Michael Tarnow, former President and Chief Executive Officer, Merck Frosst Canada, Inc. Nanopharma was co-founded by the Boston-based PureTech Ventures, a life sciences venture creation company (

Nanopharma's technology has been licensed from Massachusetts General Hospital. Fleximer® technology is covered by U.S. patents 5,811,510; 5,863,990; and 5,958,398; and by pending foreign applications. Nanocassette™ technology is covered by U.S. patent applicaiton 60/147,919 and subsequent U.S. and foreign applications. Lymph node targeting technology is covered by U.S. patent 5,582,172 and associated foreign patents and applications.

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